**Student Opportunities**

Students are highly encouraged to contact Prof. Sara Sanchez about opportunities to join the research group. The group is actively recruiting students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to apply in the upcoming Fall 2023 admission cycle (applications due December 1, 2023. Check out

 for more information)

Dr. Sara Sanchez

(she/her)Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Sara Sanchez

I'm a climate scientist-- I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. I study how the climate system has changed in Earth's past and how it could change in the future. I'm fascinated with tropical climate variability and am especially interested in developing ways to best leverage information from proxy archives (especially corals) and climate models to better understand phenomena that is poorly resolved by the instrumental record. 

Our group uses information from instrumental observations, isotope geochemistry from paleoclimate archives, and climate models to better understand the interplay of internal and forced variability of the Pacific Ocean's physical dynamics and biogeochemistry.


Cole Persch

CU Boulder Ph.D Candidate

Check out Cole's new GRL paper:

The Impact of Orbital Precession on Air‐Sea CO2 Exchange in the Southern Ocean

Group Alumni

Ryan Harrington

Summer 2023 ATOC REU participant

Project: "Consistency in the response of the hydrological cycle to strong El Nino events over the last millennium"